Pet Dining Stations

Personalised Pet Feeders, Pet Bowls, Pet Platforms, Pet Dining Stations.

The WAGS Personalised Pet Feeding Platforms or Bowls are made in Australia from UNtreated Pine for dog, cat.  Select the right feeder for your pet, just like your pet they come in all shapes and sizes from ground level platforms, to specialised elevated platforms with shelves for Big Dogs and Cats who have doggy siblings so there is no more stolen cat food.  Stainless Steel bowls are included, they come in 1Litre, 2.8Litre or 4Litre bowls and the platforms come in single, double or triple options.

Specialized in Australia for:

  • Dog Bowls
  • Cat Bowls or
  • Pet Bowls/ Feeder Station

Features come with:

  • Elevated Pet Bowls

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